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Current Job Calls

3 Calls for Monday

December 17, 2018

If the job line mail box is full,you may leave the same message at ext. 13 or ext. 10 or you can fax your acceptance in @ 719-561-8600.

 Journeyman Wireman:

SLOW 20 on Book I

&  8 on Book II

 Journeyman Lineman, Operators, Groundman:

   Lineman 0 on Book I

& 2  on Book II

 Operators  0 on Book I

& 0 on Book II

Groundman 0 on Book I

 & 1 on Book II

Dispatch Codes:

CDL (Commercial Drivers License)

COE (Code of Excellence)

DL (DriversLicense)

DT (Drug Test)

SS (Social Security Card)

SL (State Elec. License)

 1 VDV

 Main Electric

 COE, OSHA 10, DL, DT: possible overtime and night work

 1 JL

 Main Electric

 CDL, OSHA 10, DT: 5-10’s

 1 Grndman

Sturgeon Electric

 DL, DT: 5-10’s, $50 sub