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Current Job Calls


Local #68 in Denver has calls they can’t fill; also looking for a welder.

Local 584 in Tulsa needs JW’s.


No Calls for


April 21, 2014  


If the job line mail box is full,you may leave the same message at ext. 13 or ext. 10 or you can fax your acceptance in!!!!!!




Journeyman Wireman: 

SLOW We have 32 on Book I

 27 on Book II.

 Journeyman Lineman, Operators, Groundman:

 SLOW  Lineman 0 on Book I

or Book II

 Operators 1 on Book I & 2 on Book II

Groundman 2 on Book I



Dispatch Codes:

CDL (Commercial Drivers License)

COE (Code of Excellence)

DL (DriversLicense)

DT (Drug Test)

SS (Social Security Card)

SL (State Elec. License)