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Current Job Calls

 2 Calls for Friday

April 3, 2020

If there is a call you want, leave a message at the end of the job line recording. Clearly state your name, phone number and which job you are interested in. If the job line mail box is full @ ext. 3, you may leave the same message at ext. 13 or ext. 10 or you can fax your acceptance in @ 719-561-8600.

 Journeyman Wireman:

SLOW 8 on Book I

&  9 on Book II

 Journeyman Lineman, Operators, Groundman:

   Lineman 0 on Book I

& 4 on Book II

 Operators  1 on Book I

& 1 on Book II

Groundman 3 on Book I

 & 3 on Book II

Dispatch Codes:

CDL (Commercial Drivers License)

COE (Code of Excellence)

DL (DriversLicense)

DT (Drug Test)

SS (Social Security Card)

SL (State Elec. License)



 Pueblo Electrics @ PCAPP

SL, DL, DT, Nightshift 8:30pm-3:30am, 6-10’s, Local 113 Scale, $50 per diem, No shaving required



 Atlas @


 SL, DL, OSHA 10, DT, Background check, 2 Form ID, Steel toed boots, Long sleeves, 6-10’s, $100 per diem